Labor's plan to end deforestation

I want to live in a Queensland that protect our wildlife habitat, our iconic reef and our climate. Right now landclearing is the greatest threat to those things in our state.

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As Environment Minister, I was proud to join the Premier and Deputy Premier to launch our plan to end deforestation and protect our precious wildlife habitat.

A re-elected Labor Government will end broadscale tree clearing to drive down excessive clearing rates —and invest in a new land management industry.

We will reintroduce effective legislation and establish a $500 million Land Restoration Fund. This fund will kick start a new land management industry which promises to contribute as much as $8 billion annually to the Queensland economy by 2030.

The Land Restoration Fund, like the Commonwealth’s Emissions Reduction Fund, rewards Queensland landholders and primary producers for reducing emissions.

We will support projects that sequester carbon, restore valuable habitat, repair riparian vegetation and improve water quality.

This is a clear plan for the future. Not like the short-sighted, self-interested actions of the former Newman-Nicholls LNP government, who tore up Labor's sensible landclearing laws so that Queensland is now the only global deforestation hotspot in a developed country.

Key planks to a re-elected Palaszczuk Government achieving its environmental targets include:

  • Establishing a flagship $500 million Land Restoration Fund to directly support Queensland-based land sector carbon projects, creating new jobs and opportunities

  • Introducing legislation to protect remnant and high conservation value non-remnant vegetation

  • Continuing to provide flexibility to landholders through self-assessable codes, as long as they are providing appropriate protections based on advice from the Queensland Herbarium.

If you want to find out how we will protect our wildlife, climate and Reef, check out the policy.