Where to vote, how to vote

The starting gun has been fired on the election and everyone is getting ready to go to the polls.

Many people in Murrumba recently took the opportunity to enrol to vote, or update their details on the electoral roll.

If you haven’t enrolled, or have moved recently, there is still time to ensure you are eligible to vote in the upcoming State election. Just log onto www.aec.gov.au and they will take care of the rest.

Voting has changed for state elections to a full preferential system. That means voters have to number every box on the ballot paper, starting with a 1. Otherwise your vote could be deemed informal and may not be counted.

There’s 14 places in or near Murrumba where you can cast your vote on polling day, and the full list of places you can vote is here.

You can also cast your ballot before election day on 25 November. Anyone can vote early – no special reason is needed!

The nearest pre-poll centres for Murrumba residents are at: Unit 10, 3-5 High Street, Kippa-Ring; 6/379 Morayfield Road, Morayfield, and Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide Street. The full list is available here.

Being in Murrumba is really a return to my roots for me, and I’m enjoying being here and working hard to deliver for this area.

I’m pleased that the new electoral boundary has all of Dakabin and Kallangur, because keeping these communities together is important. In the meantime, my campaign is focused on making sure our schools have the resources they need, we get the public transport upgrades we want, and that we generate local jobs. So, if you see a crowd of people wearing red T-shirts, come and say ‘hi’ when we’re out and about door-knocking with the Team Miles crew. We’re always up for a chat.

Please don’t hesitate to contact my office if you need any assistance or information about the upcoming election. The Murrumba campaign office is at 1/438 Anzac Avenue, Kallangur – and you can reach us on (0431) 709805 or steven.miles@queenslandlabor.org

We’re always happy to help!

My official how-to-vote card.

My official how-to-vote card.

Scarborough Barge to Moreton sailing ahead

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 6.45.55 PM.png

A re-elected Palaszczuk Labor Government will spend $4 million to deliver a barge landing site at Scarborough Boat Harbour, pending a positive business case outcome.
We have already committed $400,000 to complete the business case by the end of December.

The business case will consider a range of technical issues such as the potential for the barge ramp to be located outside the harbour boundary—and inside the Moreton Bay Marine Park.
In September, a passenger-only ferry service started operating from the Redcliffe Jetty to Moreton Island, which was welcomed by locals and visitor.

But from my door-knocks, I know that many people still fondly remember the Combi Trader, and would love a local option for getting their car over to Moreton.

This commitment from Labor brings us one step closer to delivering this for the people in Moreton region.

Labor's plan to end deforestation

I want to live in a Queensland that protect our wildlife habitat, our iconic reef and our climate. Right now landclearing is the greatest threat to those things in our state.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 7.46.49 PM.png

As Environment Minister, I was proud to join the Premier and Deputy Premier to launch our plan to end deforestation and protect our precious wildlife habitat.

A re-elected Labor Government will end broadscale tree clearing to drive down excessive clearing rates —and invest in a new land management industry.

We will reintroduce effective legislation and establish a $500 million Land Restoration Fund. This fund will kick start a new land management industry which promises to contribute as much as $8 billion annually to the Queensland economy by 2030.

The Land Restoration Fund, like the Commonwealth’s Emissions Reduction Fund, rewards Queensland landholders and primary producers for reducing emissions.

We will support projects that sequester carbon, restore valuable habitat, repair riparian vegetation and improve water quality.

This is a clear plan for the future. Not like the short-sighted, self-interested actions of the former Newman-Nicholls LNP government, who tore up Labor's sensible landclearing laws so that Queensland is now the only global deforestation hotspot in a developed country.

Key planks to a re-elected Palaszczuk Government achieving its environmental targets include:

  • Establishing a flagship $500 million Land Restoration Fund to directly support Queensland-based land sector carbon projects, creating new jobs and opportunities

  • Introducing legislation to protect remnant and high conservation value non-remnant vegetation

  • Continuing to provide flexibility to landholders through self-assessable codes, as long as they are providing appropriate protections based on advice from the Queensland Herbarium.

If you want to find out how we will protect our wildlife, climate and Reef, check out the policy.

Griffin noise monitoring underway

Living next door to noisy traffic that disrupts the serenity in your backyard is no joke.

During my door-knocks, I’ve been hearing from Griffin residents about their traffic noise concerns.

They told me they were promised sound barriers that had never been installed.

When I visited with noise monitoring experts from the Department of Transport and Main Roads, I was frankly shocked at the noise levels.

During the visit, I asked DTMR to determine what the noise levels are, and build the case for sound barriers.

They agreed to install a noise logger and weather station at Bronze Court in Griffin for 4 days. DTMR North Coast District will provide a report on the measured noise levels in the coming weeks.

Watch this space for progress on how we will tackle this noise pollution.

New car park for Kallangur State School


Kallangur State School will have a new car park, thanks to Palaszczuk Labor Government funding of $200,000.

I am proud we could deliver more than 100 new car parking spaces to make life easier on parents, carers and staff.

Hundreds of students travel to and from the school every morning and afternoon. The car park will make it safer for them, and their teachers, during those busy periods.

It will also ease traffic congestion and parents will be able park at the school and take their cars off local roads.

The previous Newman-Nicholls LNP government wanted to sell the oval. But together with Shane King, I’ve worked hard to make sure it stays in public hands—making this car park possible.

This is a great achievement that will have a lasting positive impact for our school community.

$30M Dakabin train station upgrade

Improved public transport facilities is something I am very passionate about, and have worked hard to deliver in our vibrant, growing community of Murrumba.

I’m delighted residents who catch the train from Dakabin will soon benefit from more parking, better accessibility, and security upgrades at the station.

There are 7,339 people using the station each week, and that number is rising steadily.

That’s why I have acted to ensure our local infrastructure keeps pace with our growth.

This $30 million upgrade will support around 250 jobs for Queenslanders in trades such as carpentry, electrical, painting, plumbing, labouring, roofing, glazing and traffic control—which is a great win for the local economy.

Over the last few months, I’ve talked to so many people who told me it was the number one thing they wanted fixed.

While you might not see any shovel work just yet, the design and engineering work will start immediately.

And when the concept designs are released next year, I’ll invite the QR community engagement team to Dakabin to explain how construction impacts will be managed to ensure minimal inconvenience for passengers.

I’m really looking forward to the completion of the works, when we will get to benefit from— more car parks, a new footbridge with lifts, new bus infrastructure, raising platform sections to provide easier access to the trains, features such as hearing aid loops, and upgraded lighting and CCTV.

A link to the project upgrade is here

If you want to receive regular updates on progress, contact QR on 13 16 17 or email: communityengagement@qr.com.au

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