Towards a container deposit scheme in Queensland


As Minister for the Environment, I was proud to recently announce that the Palaszczuk Government will investigate a container deposit scheme for Queensland.

Discarded coffee cups, drink cans and plastic bottles are dangerous to our wildlife and marine life.

We can improve the amenity of our public spaces, reduce the risk to wildlife and marine life and raise money for charitable causes (or perhaps some pocket money for the kids) by introducing a container deposit scheme.

Queensland is the litter capital of Australia, with 40 per cent more litter than other states. Drink cans and bottles dominate our litter. We need to decrease litter and waste, and increase recycling. 

Other states already have container deposit schemes, and New South Wales has recently announced they will join them in 2017.

The Queensland Government will now work with key stakeholders to prepare an options paper for formal public consultation. 



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